Alex and Nathan the magic shoots year 5

                                    The magic shoots

In a dimension where the wizards and all mythical creatures lived a sorcerer was casting a spell. One day a lightning bolt struck the sorcerer it changed all his personality when he got home he made a spell that made winter stay forever.

Macoggins, the wizard, looked at his magic shoots they were shrinking why were they shrinking? Suddenly hole the roof it was the sorcerer. Macoggins blamed the sorcerer, he shoot a bolt out his staff at Macoggins luckily he dodged it. He chased after him with his staff Macoggins shoot a lightning bolt though his heart. The green shoots could just be seen.

One thought on “Alex and Nathan the magic shoots year 5

  1. Hi Alex and Nathan, What an interesting plot you have devised for your 100WC story. One suggestion: Some of your sentences have words missing so try reading over your work before submitting it to check that all is in order. Well done!!

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