Alfie and Lilly year 5

The magic flower

Finally, the day had come. It was Charlie’s birthday. Quickly he slipped out of bed and proudly marched to his parent’s bedroom, to open his presents. Charlie was really hoping that he would receive poppy seeds and he did, they were tiny but he knew they would make big difference to his garden.  Charlie sprinted to the garden to plant his beautiful seeds.

After a while the green shoots could just be seen! That night the magic started to begin. The flower’s petals started to glow purple! The next day he told his parents, who didn’t believe him so it was his secret.

One thought on “Alfie and Lilly year 5

  1. What a lovely story, Charlie got some really special seeds for his birthday. You put a lot of thought into you work and it was laid out very nicely with two paragraphs and good use of punctuation well done.

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