alice and lucy

I was having lovely some dinner but disaster struck there was no delicious chocolate ice cream! I had to go down into the cellar to get more.   I gritted my teeth and crept in to the old dust cellar as I was down there I heard a sudden BANG! THE DOOR HAD LOCKED I was stuck, this could not get any worse, then the lights went out .I was crying my head off but suddenly I heard a CLICK it was the door then it went black I wonder what I would do next. But all was revealed.

…but I wondered what I would do…


One thought on “alice and lucy

  1. This was a bit scary! I think maybe you might have regretted wanting that chocolate ice cream. I love it when you read to the end of the writing and are left wondering what would happen next. Maybe you could turn this into a longer story. It makes a great introduction. Well done on taking part.

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