Amber & Angelica but I wondered what I would do

My brother Owen came in the room he threw the pretend plane down into the basement. I heard a rattling noise I wondered what it was I went down into the basement and saw that it was a little mouse it leaped up to me … but I wondered what to do … I kept it for a while. Every day I would come down to the basement to check on him. My mouse left I wondered if it would come back! But it did I took it into a competition we were famous for winning .My mouse and I.

One thought on “Amber & Angelica but I wondered what I would do

  1. Some interesting ideas here, Amber and Angelica. There was something very poignant about the last line too.
    You need to make sure you put full stops in the right places. The second sentence, in particular, needs work in this area.

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