Amy 4M The light was so bright

The light was so bright ….  it smashed the windows, it cracked the roof but then I woke up  all I could see was a bright, shimmering light. I went down stairs and played a fabulous  game of Minecraft. All of a sudden a creeper blew up!” NO “ I screamed .   Just  as I did the light  turned off I got told off by my mum. I went up to my room and played my phone sadly and listened to music I listened to  just for you I loved it so I went down  stairs  and said sorry to my   lovely mum.

4 thoughts on “Amy 4M The light was so bright

  1. Your story is so cool, I really hope you write like this in real schoolwork because I imagine that you would get a brilliant coment on it like this. Lisa-Marie That story was fantastic i really loved it Amy its got good description and i also hope you get good comments welldone. Amberly

  2. Hello Amy,
    Well done for entering this week’s 100WC. You have used some great punctuation and the inclusion of speech is great. Don’t forget to think about using a range of words for sentence openers.
    Keep up the great work Amy.

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