Amy and Harry 4M But I wonder what I would do

As the tickets were nearly sold I heard that my favourite team was playing in the final. But I wondered what I should   do. By 10 o’clock I rushed to my car and was racing to grab the final ticket. Yes! I cried. Finally the day had come my dream had come true. So when the time had come I got ready in my Chelsea kit. Soon I got there and settled in my seat. It was so fun there was controlled tackling. My favourite players were Eden Hazard and Fernando Torres.  Would Chelsea be so lucky next time when they play the next match?

One thought on “Amy and Harry 4M But I wonder what I would do

  1. (Team 100 WC)
    Well done Amy and Harry with this 100 Word Challenge. You’ve told a complete little story and have obviously thought hard about using different words to start your sentences with. Did Chelsea win?

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