Amy & Riya Year 4 the rusty gate creaked

As  me  and  my  friend   walked  into  the  garden the rusty  gate  creaked. We  were  really   scared. So   we   quickly ran to my house…….!  We  went  up to my   room and out  the window  we  saw   a  ghost   passing  the old  rusty gate. We thought   we   should  tell mum  but  we  knew  she  would  not  believe   us   so we  kept  this  a  secret  forever  well , I  mean  until  we die.   A  month  later  we could  just  not  keep  this  a secret  any  longer so we told Mum  but  she said it was a lie.  So we   went   and     discussed.

2 thoughts on “Amy & Riya Year 4 the rusty gate creaked

  1. Nice story,I liked how you ended it.
    You couldn’t keep a secret as big as that for a long time.

  2. Amy and Riya, of course you couldn’t keep a secret like that for long! I wonder what the ghost looked like.

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