Ani 4M The light was so bright

Gummy bear land was a beautiful sight. The light was so bright. Suddenly bad gummy bears came followed by their master, Hickedy. So Ani  jumped out too. For the good guys.  Suddenly Hickedy chopped Anis head off. It was a terrible sight. There was blood gushing out of Ani. Since that the bad gummy bears ruled gummy bear land. Any good gummy bears who set foot in gummy bear land would be beheaded. You would not want to be a good gummy bear in gummy bear land. If you are a good gummy bear and your reading this, don’t set foot in gummy bear land.

3 thoughts on “Ani 4M The light was so bright

  1. HI – i absolutely love this – i really laughed as it is so unexpected that they get their heads chopped off!! really well done. Caroline Team 100wc

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