Aston 4S The light was so bright

I woke up. I went to the family room and opened the curtains. The light was so bright . After a while, I got blind and I couldn’t see at all! After a long time I ended up in hospital! Then the doctor said that I have to be in hospital for another 9 weeks. While the doctor was talking I was wondering about all the great stuff that could happen like playing on the console. About 3 to 4 weeks later the doctor said that I was free to go home and have fun with my friends. It was the day of my life!

8 thoughts on “Aston 4S The light was so bright

  1. I really liked all of the description. I thought that when one of the doctors said that you had to stay in hospital for the next 9 weeks, was shocking.

  2. Thank you for your 100WC, Aston. I like the contrast between the bright light and the consequent blindness. Very scary.

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