ben and abbie year 5 wray common school

What is that, a mouse, a cat or a bat? No it’s all three. It also has jellyfish tentacles. It’s chasing Bob, ‘Help me’ he cried. Bob couldn’t tell if the creature was kind or evil. Larry, who was happy, thought they were playing a game of It and ran on cheerfully. Bob didn’t realise that Larry was kind and kept on screaming like a lunatic! Happily the creature carried on chasing Bob but then Bob paused, and he asked the creature if he was nice or naughty?   Larry replied ‘I’m nice, I just thought we were playing It.’

2 thoughts on “ben and abbie year 5 wray common school

  1. Hi Ben and Abbie
    I like your description of your creature – jellyfish tentacles as well! The description of Bob was also good – ‘screaming like a lunatic!’ – this tells us how scared he was. So I was surprised to see the creature may have been kind – try to keep the suspense going if you can.

  2. An interesting starter to your challenge, it makes me curious to read on. Next time, check it makes sense, is Larry the creature or a friend?

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