Charlie 4M – The light was so bright

Once some clone troopers were trying out a new bionic suit on Kamino, with a built in double blasters and a photon torpedo launcher.  it triples the clones speed and has a built in jet pack as big as a roket boster.  They were going to the gonosion planet when they were getting pulled into a black hole.  the clones raced to the escape pod but that had got sucked out of his socket they knew who did this, it was count Darko.  The clone that had the bionic suit on jumped out of the ship with the other clone.  The light was so bright…

5 thoughts on “Charlie 4M – The light was so bright

  1. The force is strong in this one!

    You paint a vivid picture in just 100 words, and writing “the light was so bright..” at the end of the story makes me want to fall into the light to see what powers lie within. Your story actually reminds me of Arthur C Clarke (but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away).

    But your bionic suit is no match for the power of the Dark Side!

    Count Dooku

  2. Great story Charlie, I really like the special suit your character has. Do you think I could get one like that?

  3. Hi Charlie
    I found a ‘minute’! I like your piece of writing and I can see that you have tried really hard to remember all the things you have to do when you write. You have chosen some wonderful adjectives and interesting vocabulary to describe the bionic suit. I also like the action part where you combine the build up to your shock with some description about the black hole. Please don’t forget to use a capital letter every time you start a new sentence. I must say I am worried about what Count Darko will do to the clones, you have left us on a cliff hanger…
    From Mrs Fine

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