Cian 4S The light was so bright

In the gloomy night I was dreaming of an amazing angel which would fly down from heaven and give me 100 wishes every day. The golden sun rose and  I woke up and it was amazingly bright.  I leapt out of bed and sprinted down the steep and dangerous steps and had my lovely and scrummy breakfast.  Not long after I shot outside and realised that the light was so bright.  All of a sudden I realised that it was a beautiful angel and looked familiar with the one in my dream. Funny enough it was the one which gave me 100 wishes a day.

2 thoughts on “Cian 4S The light was so bright

  1. How exciting! I was left wondering whether you would get your hundred wishes. It is always good to leave the reader hanging on for more at the end. Well done on taking part in the 100 Word Challenge this week.

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