Cian and Matthew but I wondered what I would do

As I woke up one morning, my brother asked me what I would do when I was older. I replied excitedly, “I want to be a scientist!” A few years later I became one of the well-known scientists in  the world. I made an invention which was called “the portal gun.” I tried it out but I wondered what I would do in the alternate world, I leaped through the portal and what I saw was shocking there were flying pigs and cows as pets and tons of green aliens but they weren’t those ones you get which kill humans they were very friendly.

One thought on “Cian and Matthew but I wondered what I would do

  1. Hi Cian and Matthew,
    Thanks for this contribution to 100wc.
    You did put your imagination to good use with the appearance of the friendly aliens and flying pigs and cows.
    Well done!

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