Demi and jared but i wonderd what i would do

As Demi and Jared walked into the pitch black woods the sound of the city cars faded behind them. A few seconds later the ground started shaking a few centimetres away from their heels. They ran deeper into the heart of the wood as twisted branches seemed to reach out to them. “What do we do?” shouted Jared trying to get his voice over the rumbling sound. “I don’t know!” I yelled back to Jared. But I wondered what I would do. All of a sudden a dark shadow loomed up behind us. Then silence… What will happen next?

2 thoughts on “Demi and jared but i wonderd what i would do

  1. What a wonderfully descriptive 100WC Demi and Jared. Your choice of vocabulary (‘pitch-black,’ twisted branches’ and ‘loomed’) really helps to set the scene, especially as you closed with a short, snappy phrase and ellipsis. Your readers are desperate to hear more!

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