edua and amelia but I wondered what I would do

I woke up in a grey room with no light shining in, but my eyes seemed unnaturally accustomed to the room’s light. Where was I? How did I get here? What had happened? More questions flooded my brain as I felt a sweet sickness. I dropped to the floor, in terror of what had happened. People were dying, all with fang-shaped holes in their necks. I’m a vampire. It was terrible… I had loved vampire fantasies ever since I was a child… but to be one… it was too much for me….but I wondered what I would do… kill to live or die for others…

3 thoughts on “edua and amelia but I wondered what I would do

  1. Edua and Amelia –

    What a great piece of writing! You set up some suspense really quickly, with a bit of mystery, and tell your readers what the big problem is, before going on to show what a difficult position the narrator is in. I was hooked (and hopefully not bitten…).

    Good writing: well done.


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