Edward 4M The light was so bright

After months of hard and gruelling work, Dr Doom found a way to bring his creation to life! He had made a evil gummy bear… It was 10 feet high, 200 Kilograms in weight and had gummy guns people would pay for mercy. The thunder struck, the light was so bright! It lived! It would havoc, but something went wrong… It started dancing “ I must say he is rather good only 2 feet high but good,” exclaimed Dr Doom. He decided to put on some music Dr Doom thought he could make people pay for dance lessons. What would happen next?

6 thoughts on “Edward 4M The light was so bright

  1. I loved it especially the gummy bear coming to life it made lots of sence and I would not want to meet Dr Doom he sounds scary

  2. well done , a gripping story. I would not like to meet dr.doom! I fear what he might do to me. Please write further adventures. You clearly have a great talent. Thank you for proving an opportunity for me to read your story.

  3. (team 100wc)

    Edward this made me laugh out loud, it is very funny! I wonder what type of dancing it is doing? I think it might go onto to win a talent competition – what do you think?

  4. Edward, this is a great idea. Gummy bears are so popular and to have one come alive with a twist, certainly made me want to read more.

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