Emily 4M The light was so bright

The light was so bright, I had cover my eyes from the brilliant shine.  Suddenly my house was disappearing  right before my eyes.  When I opened them again I was in some kind of haunted house. It was really spooky. Then someone came into the room. I didn’t know who it was but he looked strangely familiar. Ok the first day has gone by. I feel different like I want lots of blood. And I think my canines have got longer. I looked in the mirror and I found out I got turned into a vampire.  Oh well. Breakfast time.

2 thoughts on “Emily 4M The light was so bright

  1. What we would like to know Emily is ,what did you have for breakfast ?!
    Super writing and funny story ,we could hear you reading it to us !
    Charlie,Austin and Amanda x

  2. Hi Emily
    This had me in fits of laughter by the end where you have turned into a quite clearly happy go lucky vampire. Love the ‘Oh well. Breakfast time.’ I also liked the way you changed from the past tense when you were normal, to the present tense after the change. Did you mean to do that? Because it works quite well actually. Well done.
    From Mrs Fine

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