Georgia and Lily Year 5 Wray Common School

On a beautiful autumn day I was skipping through the woods, I heard the autumn leaves crunch under my feet. The smell of the crackling bonfires made my nose sniff. As I walked further and further into the woods I saw more and more naked trees. All of their colourful red and brown leaves had fallen of. When I was running my fingers over the tree bark it felt bumpy and ridged one of them hurt my hand.  Suddenly I heard a noise echoing around the wood ‘what was that,’ I thought to myself.

2 thoughts on “Georgia and Lily Year 5 Wray Common School

  1. Hi Georgia and Lily
    What a great description of a setting. I feel as if I am in the woods with you. I like the way you have used the different senses to describe the woods – the crunch of the leaves, the smell of the bonfires, even without using the word autumn we know what season it is and can imagine it for ourselves. Try using an ellipsis (a dot dot dot…) at the end to build more suspense.

  2. I like the way you have used your sense to describe a scene, it paints a lovely image. Next time, read through to check if you need to add any commas where you breathe. Read it out loud if that helps.

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