Harry 4M The light was so bright

As the light was so bright, I ate my lovely pack of Gummy bears but they looked different, they looked evil .Then they stared to grow in the pack, when they reached 100m they stopped. Then with no care for the city the evil Gummy bears started to destroy it. Luckily there was a group of assassins that stood up for the city. Then it became the biggest battle that ever took place in the world . In the end it became a one on one battle, the assassin took a swipe at the gummy bear and  he went KO!

2 thoughts on “Harry 4M The light was so bright

  1. Hi Harry
    I love your idea of the Gummy Bears turning evil and then growing so large. You use some wonderful language to describe the extents of their menace. The sentence ‘with no care for the city the evil Gummy Bears started to destroy it’ is cleverly constructed by placing the subject (the bears) in the middle of the sentence and not at the beginning which would have been easier but not nearly so interesting to read. Well done.
    From Mrs Fine

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