Holly 4S The light was so bright

The light was so bright it blinded me.Where was I ?suddenly I realized something was crawling up my shivery back.i tried to work out what it was but it was no use.i could hardly move .just at  that moment I felt a bony finger come over my shoulder .With a cool breeze of wind,I woke to find I was tangled up in all my blankets  like I was tied up in my dream .as I rubbed my eyes I saw my grandma sitting by my side ready to say good morning.But what was the thing crawling up my back

One thought on “Holly 4S The light was so bright

  1. To Holly

    I like how you beign your writing with the bright light and then a question. It really hooked me in as a reader and made me want to keep reading.
    As I kept reading I was still intrigued. You have used lot’s of suspense within your writing.
    What was the thing crawling up your back?

    From Mrs Natusch
    team 100WC

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