holly and josh but i wondered what i would do


I stepped into a world of all my greatest diary dreams. Then amongst the fog, I saw a shadow. It was asking for my name. Strangely I did not know the answer. Snap! I clicked my fingers. Right at that moment I remembered my name was Katie. Then I went into a colourful, bright land where I was greeted with kind loving people. A land where there are no annoying brothers. I decided to explore every inch of the beautiful world. Soon I realized the time I said” I need to go home ” but I loved the place so much. I wondered what I would do.

One thought on “holly and josh but i wondered what i would do

  1. What a difficult decision Kate faced. I wonder what she finally decided. Like so many things in life, such decisions are not always easy. You manged to capture all this well in your writing. Good job!

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