IMI and Jemma i wondered what i would do!

I was walking along, lost in the mist; I must have wandered into an old burial ground. I was very scared, until I heard a ghostly voice calling my name, “Sam Sam, help me”. “I’m coming to get you” I said, but I wondered what I would do. I searched that spooky place in the mist for hours, but I had to find that voice I just had to. Sam, she said, I promise I’m coming, I shouted, but where are you? I looked behind me because I heard rustling in the grey dead bushes and then I saw it, THE ONE!

One thought on “IMI and Jemma i wondered what i would do!

  1. Hello to you both,

    I must say that I am very impressed with this 100wc. You have built up the suspense and tension very carefully – even at the end, we still don’t know what it is your characters have seen! I’m not sure I would have replied to a ghostly voice in an old burial ground though!

    Well done

    Mr Connor

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