Isabelle and Sakthi 6L -The Light was so Bright

                                                               The Nightmare

I stood there, blank minded. My heart was pounding really hard as all these strange faces were staring at me. Suddenly, a spotlight turned on. The light was so bright that my eyes stung. I woke up sweating all over. Luckily, it was only a nightmare. Will I screw up tomorrow?


In the morning, I was getting in the car ready for school. It was the play today and I was the star. At school all the teachers crowded around me to do my make-up and hair. It was my time to shine in the spotlight.

 Was it going to be like my nightmare?

2 thoughts on “Isabelle and Sakthi 6L -The Light was so Bright

  1. This is a lovely 100WC Isabelle and Sakthi! You have made it really clear how nervous your main character is, and you have used some great language. I love the sentence starters ‘suddenly’ and ‘luckily’ which you have used and I really like the idea of the story, about a girl who is nervous about being the star in the show. You have ended it in a very interesting way too, with a rhetorical question which adds suspense and makes the reader want to know more! Well done!

    Kayleigh (Team 100WC)

  2. Wow that was a great story! I wonder what will happen next. I loved the part where you said about that it was all a nightmare, and if I would screw up tomorrow! From Jack L

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