Jared 4M the rusty gate creaked

The rusty gate creaked as I silently crept into the pitch black house. But suddenly a cockatoo leaped out at me and bit my face. I opened up my non scratched eye and saw a dark figure with a hard hat helmet on leap out and rip the cockatoos head off. It was Assassin Bob the Builder!!! Suddenly Mike the Knight came in with Wiggle Piggles head in his hand. I did not know what to do. I grabbed my samurai sword and sliced both of their heads off. DIE DIE DIE !!! Bye bye Wiggle Piggle!!!

                                        The end …..maybe?

4 thoughts on “Jared 4M the rusty gate creaked

  1. I liked Wiggle piggle, Bob the bilder and Mike the knight. I wish I could have the samurai sword in my hands cool story!

  2. Well done Jared, I love your characters names, they gave me a chuckle as I read it. Your story moves at quite a swift pace, it might be nice if you added more sentences or detail around the parts of the story where you are involved in the action. E.g. I did not know what to do so quickly, I thrust my hand down to my belt where my samurai sword was hanging from. I gripped the leather handle and as I pulled it I flashed it across the still air and chopped off their heads. Mr Graves (100wc)

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