Jeban Year 6 The Sky got Darker

Slowly the sky got darker…  My heart was pounding as the sky had suddenly gone, I shouted for help, but all I could hear were the light echoes of my voice which sounded like ghosts wailing in the mist. In the darkness I could see a shadow moving slowly like a lion crouching down waiting for its prey. I knew it was coming for me. Again I called. No answer. I knew I had to think of something, but quickly. Suddenly it went and like there was a spell the sky  came back. Gently I felt something touching me. I was caught…  

4 thoughts on “Jeban Year 6 The Sky got Darker

  1. I am surprised to be scared of a story that has made me so intrigued, this is a awesome story. I love of how the lion thing is crouching but how can you see the lion if its so dark? Overall this is a good story.

  2. Wow Jeban, I think this is the most amazing writing I have ever seen from you! You have created a very scary atmosphere with great tension.

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