Joe & Sami Year 4 the rusty gate creaked

I was playing mine craft when all of a sudden I was sucked into the mine craft world. The rusty gate creaked open. Hands reached out at me I quickly grabbed a stick then some wood and made a sword, I sliced their heads off and soon they were defeated .I saw more mobs around me this time there were creepers they blew up in my face I tumbled to the floor. After years of fighting I finally got into the house and saw the chest all I just had to battle a boss I started fighting. would I survive just as?

2 thoughts on “Joe & Sami Year 4 the rusty gate creaked

  1. Hello Joe and Sami,
    Well done on entering the 100wc. What a strange thing to happen; being sucked into a video game. I think you have described it well, with you tumbling to the floor. Did you have to fight it exactly the same way as you would have on the games console?
    Well done again
    Keep entering the 100wc
    Mrs W – Team 100wc
    Flamborough, East Yorkshire, England
    My class blog on if you would like to have a look where we are.

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