Josh 4S The light was so bright

In the pitch black dark at midnight, I was lost in woodland. Until I saw the biggest brightest and most colourful light I had ever seen. It was an enormous, colossal lighthouse. The light was so bright I was almost totally blinded. So I ran towards it. Then I quickly ran up the stairs inside it to turn the light towards my home. Although I could not seem to find my home. Cold, tired and lonely I was still determined to get back home. Then I saw it my home so I ran straight to where the light was at.

2 thoughts on “Josh 4S The light was so bright

  1. Fantastic, you have worked really hard, so proud of you! I’m glad you found your way home, we’d have missed you if you’d have got lost!! Xx

  2. what an incredible story, you had lots of punctution and verbs a job well done! From Jack L /your bro and Charlie

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