Katie 4S The light was so bright

The light was so bright

As it shone in my face

We were playing cards

And I had the last ace

I played it with ease

Without any haste

and  my dad on the sofa

watching  the race

it was my turn ,

I smelt a smell

The toast did burn

I felt like hell….or not

My mum did shout

I fell about

For I knew something she did not

Then  my  joke began to rot

It was plastic but fantastic

I had cracked a stink bomb

On the hob

What a great trick it was


7 thoughts on “Katie 4S The light was so bright

  1. Hi Katie, I liked how you have chosen to write a poem for your 100WC this week, it’s more original.
    You have chosen some interesting vocabulary and managed to rhyme and make sense too, well done.
    Keep writing. 🙂

  2. Hello Katie
    I loved your poem. It was really well put together. You have rhymed it beautifully. What great ending. It made me smile. Well done.

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