Louis 4S The light was so bright

I woke up feeling worried about my big football match . I went down stairs  to have breakfast . once I had breakfast I got my arsenal kit on and my football boots . I play for arsenal academy  I am the best  player in the team . The team are very  good .I got in the car ready to go after a long journey  . The team kicked of I was playing or right suddenly a bright light shined in my eye I could not see at all . it hurt so much everyone was shouting my name a tear rolled down me.

3 thoughts on “Louis 4S The light was so bright

  1. Hello Louis

    I really liked your story. You linked the bright light part to the action very well. I wonder what the light was that stopped the football player?

    That would be the next thing to write about, how did the player carry on.

    Well done.

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