Madeleine – Party Rhinoceroses 100WC

Evry Sunday Rhinceroses go to a party with lots of other animals.  Rhinoceroses set up the party so the Fancy lions can look in the mirror and comb there hair.  Sometimes the Rhinoceroses have a bowling party and a disco.  Just then a crocodile appeared and snapped the lions tail so the lions screamed.  Suddenly the Rhinoceroses jumped up and shoved the crocodile out the door.  Luckily fancy Lions and the Rhinoceroses could have there party. But just wait till morning then there will be trouble.  Suddenly some monkeys appeared out of nowhere and joined in the fun. Oh!

6 thoughts on “Madeleine – Party Rhinoceroses 100WC

  1. At the start you made a little mistake of your spelling. But your story was great, I wouldnt like to be a lion !!!!!! Our favourite bit was when you wrote the crocodile bit.

  2. Well done Madeleine! I love the way you have tried to use a variety of sentence starters. It makes the story interesting for the reader.

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