Max 4S the rusty gate creaked

One cold day a boy called Max was slowly strolling down the street. It was a cold night and he only had a thin coat to protect him from the freeze. He walked and walked till he reached a rather big mansion; the sound of ghosts howling and dogs barking was heard. He decided to be strong and as he went through, the rusty gate creaked so loud that it almost burst his ears then, he slowly crept in the big, fancy mansion. He was so scared that he almost dropped down to the ruined floor. He decided to run away ,this was scary!!!!!

One thought on “Max 4S the rusty gate creaked

  1. Hi Max, well done for entering the 100WC.
    You have used some interesting vocabulary; strolling, protect, rather, howling, ruined. These words bring your story to life and paint a picture for your readers.
    You have also used a range of punctuation; . , ! ;
    Maybe next time, you could try to begin some of your sentences with time connectives to help your story to flow.
    Well done and keep writing. 🙂

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