Max and Tom 4S The light was so bright

As I was strolling down the dusty street  all was quiet and no sight in see .All of a sudden a glimmering angel floated down from the glorious heavens and gave us light again. The light was bright so bright that it could make the world light up again and make it a very  happy place . the next morning I woke up wondering if my dream would ever  come true i thought about it once but then I knew it would never ever happen again

2 thoughts on “Max and Tom 4S The light was so bright

  1. Hi boys,
    I have had a good read of your piece and I really like it. The idea of the angel coming down to earth and bringing the light is an eternal story and I am impressed with the language you have used to describe it. It can be difficult to choose appropriate words sometimes, and adjectives and verbs such as glimmering, floated and glorious are spot on for your subject matter. Well done.
    From Mrs Fine

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