Rimsha 4M The light was so bright

As I quickly ran on, passing every street, trying to catch the bus. Suddenly, I stopped so fast I twisted my ankles. One of the streetlight lights was so bright I could see everything clearly. Just then, the bus stopped to a halt. As quick as a flash, clowns came skipping out of the bus. Just at that moment, pencils were floating across the road. As well as the pencils, foam balls came rolling down the road, all different colours. As fast lightening, balloons came falling from the sky, and the clowns started playing with them. Was it me , or are weird things happening?

4 thoughts on “Rimsha 4M The light was so bright

  1. It’s a cool story and we were wondering where all the different characters came from. Well Done Rimsha.

  2. Hi Rimsha
    Wow! What a wacky 100 word challenge this week! Yes, think you could easily say that weird things were happening. I too had noticed your great sentence openers, it is really obvious that you have tried incredibly hard to use lots of interesting ways of starting your sentences and that makes it really enjoyable to read, so thank you! You all described each and every thing clearly, well done.
    Keep up the great writing,
    Miss T team 100wc

  3. I can tell that you have been putting a lot of effort into making your writing exciting for the reader by using different sentence starters and similes to help create effect in your writing. Great ending too. Well done!

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