Rimsha and Finlay …but I wondered what I would do…

 I was going to my friend’s birthday party and she said on the invitation the party was cursed.  It’s not cursed but maybe it is. No, that’s just really silly.  

Anyway, when I reached the party I parked my car and walked in and started dancing and singing.

When the DJ turned another song on, I realised it was my favourite song. I was dancing crazily, so I didn’t realise that everybody had disappeared. I called out for them but there was no answer except for whispering   behind a door. …But I wondered what I would do… The music was still playing though. How could they vanish?

One thought on “Rimsha and Finlay …but I wondered what I would do…

  1. Great story!
    It’s quite scary,I wonder what happened to all the children!?
    I am dying to know the ending!

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