Rosie and Zoe 4S The light was so bright

Night’s eerie gaze fell upon the cold pavement with headlights skipping across houses. Suddenly, a marvellous light peeped out from the gloomy clouds and mournful sky. The light was so bright Kip, a young girl, tripped over her legs and plummeted head first into the bitter fountain! When she recovered from the accident, she gaped at a beautiful white angel. Sparkles shone brightly around the extra ordinary creature like flies around a cowpat. Unicorns majestically rode behind the stunning angel while fairies danced happily. A sudden movement of the graceful unicorn swept the gorgeous angel up into heaven. A dream?

3 thoughts on “Rosie and Zoe 4S The light was so bright

  1. A beautiful piece of writing, girls! Your use of short sentences creates suspense and engages the reader. And your vocabulary paints a very clear, imaginative picture.

    To make it even better… think about your choice of adjectives.
    Does ‘marvellous’ fit with ‘eerie’, ‘cold’, gloomy’, and ‘mournful’? What could you use here instead?

    I look forward to reading more of your 100WCs

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