Sam and John 4S The light was so bright

As I got up from the bench I could not see where I was going. Because the light was so bright . And my friend was with me.  I told my friend if he had  sun glasses .And he said no and I said lucky I KEEP a  pair  so  he looked in to his  bag but he did not have any so both of them were bumping into the wall knocking things over until finally they saw a shop and it said sunglasses.  They looked in the bag and found money so they went in and bought some sunglasses and then they went back home.

One thought on “Sam and John 4S The light was so bright

  1. It’s a good thing that they found some money to get some sunglasses, sounds like that was a pretty bright light, with them bumping into things. I like how you used the prompt; nice work writing on the 100WC.

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