Sami 4S The light was so bright

The light shone so bright as the gummy bears got ready to fire .the bombers rolled in and dropped the multisers sending jelly babies flying, tumbling to the floor. Down on the ground the soldiers of gummy bears smacked the jelly babies in the face. The gummy bears jumped away as the kamikaze jelly babies jumped with a grenade. Boom and gummy bears heads flew off and rolled on the ground. Boom, boom, boom as the the tanks fired bash bam battle cries were everywhere. they    stabbed the gummy bears with swords and daggers .who would win gummy bears or jelly babies…

2 thoughts on “Sami 4S The light was so bright

  1. What a great imagination you have Sami, I really liked the idea of sweets fighting. Next time read through at the end to check the spelling and punctuation. Well done

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