Seb 4S The light was so bright

Joe and Seb were on an amazing adventure though the forest. In the forest they stumbled into a very dark place but slowly a good spirit rose from the ground. “The light was so bright” Joe said. “It almost blinded me”. The two boys followed the spirit into a deserted camp sight. There were swords and they picked them up in case there was something dangerous on the way back or on another adventure. They also found amazing Bows and 50 arrows each. They found out that the spirit was an old worrier and he made the really cool weapons.

3 thoughts on “Seb 4S The light was so bright

  1. I really like it Seb because you have used some good language. I like were you put the light was so bright. I wonder what the cool weapon is like.

  2. Hello Seb,
    Well done on entering the 100wc. Sorry I am late putting my comment on but I have been vey busy, writing my class reports. Now to your writing!
    You have used some good vocabulary – amazing and stumbled and punctuated your work well – even the speech which is not always easy. You could even write aother story with more detail anout what the boys did withthe spirit

    Is the spirit a worrier (someone who worries) or did you mean warrior (a soldier)?

    Well done again
    Keep entering the 100wc
    Mrs W – Team 100wc
    Flamborough, East Yorkshire, England
    My class blog on if you would like to have a look where we are.

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