Seb & Samuel Year 4 the rusty gate creaked

At midnight, a brave adventurer entered a temple in the graveyard. The rusty gate creaked open and a zombie ran out trying to eat Jack`s brain. Quickly , Jack chopped the zombie`s head off. All of a sudden the doors started to close as Jack slid under the old gate. He walked down the creaky stair case, his heart  was thumping in his chest. He looked ahead and saw a long , dark and spooky  passage. Up  the  passage he saw some grave`s , but what he didn’t know was if the corpses would come alive or not. Would he survive?

2 thoughts on “Seb & Samuel Year 4 the rusty gate creaked

  1. Excellent use of ‘all of a sudden’ and ‘heart was thumping in his chest’. These phrases really help build up the excitement and tension in your story.

  2. Hello Seb and Samuel,
    You have both created a very creepy 100WC, you are a great team! You have used wonderful descriptive vocabulary and I am impressed with some of your interesting sentence openers. Take care with your typing in places, but keep up the great work you two!

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