Slowly the sky got darker 100 word challenge

Once upon a time there was a great big cyclone destroying the poor houses. The people that lived there they couldn’t do anything about it they were just getting very emotional. So they had to run somewhere where they’ll all be safe the lady said” oh no look the sky is getting darker we have to get on a move on quick”. We all finally got a place to live but it was in the hotel. Luckily Grandma had the money for the hotel room. Slowly she took out the money in her pocket dad said come on quick by the time she got it out she was terrified” oh no” said Grandma we don’t have enough money!



said by Subhan Qureshi

3 thoughts on “Slowly the sky got darker 100 word challenge

  1. Well done Subhan, an interesting entry. I wonder what they will do now? Next time have a quick read through at the end to check your punctuation. Well done again.

  2. Hi Subhan, the suspense when Grandma got out her purse was enormous and the shock of her not having enough money for the hotel room….what will they all do now? It’s hard work when people get too emotional to think about how to manage their situation.

    Well done

    Jason’s Mum

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