Torch light – Miss Hopkins

Silence.  And then footsteps.  As I held my breath, the blood pounded in my head.  The drum beat of my heart echoing the menacing footsteps, as they edged closer to my hiding place.

“Over here!” the detective’s voice penetrated the musky air.  As he turned, the sweep of his trench coat grazed the hairs on my arms. A wave of goose bumps swept through my body; a silent gasp left my lips.  I tried to shrink further back into the wall, watching the torch light skim the ground in front of me.

The light was so bright, I was sure I had been seen.

2 thoughts on “Torch light – Miss Hopkins

  1. (Team 100WC)

    It’s nice to see a teacher both writing and posting in the 100WC. I’m sure that your use of different sentences for impact and the high level of descriptive language have inspired your pupils 🙂

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