zoe and jess but I wondered what I would do

As I lay peacefully on my purple deck chair I suddenly needed a drink. I stood up and….WEEEEEEE! I was falling down to the core of the earth. I had a few bruises but I wondered what I would do in this strange new place. Then my eyes had settled on a lollipop tree; then they plunged into a chocolate fountain with a difference…it was coming out from the earth! Before I knew it, my mouth was digging into a jelly mountain. MMMMMMM! Yummy in my tummy. Oh my! A little chilled child with delicious sweets in her hair, stared at me through the jelly hill,”Venelope…”she whispered.

One thought on “zoe and jess but I wondered what I would do

  1. Oooo, conjuring up images of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ there Zoe & Jess. Perhaps mixed with a little ‘Alice in Wonderland?’ Certainly a rather dreamlike and magical place you took us to in this 100WC. I love the way you closed it by introducing an interesting character, especially with ‘…she whispered’; just can’t help wanting more!

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