Big bad wolf gets boiled

These sweet little creatures were put in jail for a suspicious murder of the big evil wolf but no one (except from now) knows their story.

It was the second of July 2012 at around 2-3pm when a scary bad wolf just chased two pigs into their older brothers brick house , the pigs knew they would be safe but they haven’t eaten all day . They decided to cook a pot of soup (which we know because of the peelings). Outside the wolf was climbing up the chimney and once he went down he dropped in a steaming hot pot of soup. We need help to find more proof that these pigs are innocent. Please help them !    

by Cian Edmund and James

5 thoughts on “Big bad wolf gets boiled

  1. No! Not at all. The wolf is innocent and I have proof! Mr.Wolf was only looking for some sugar when two dead pigs lay ahead of him. He couldn’t waste food…

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