18 thoughts on “Cromer Museum

  1. We hope you enjoyed looking at the fossils. We think they would be very interesting. What sort of fossils did you see and how old are they? Any dinosaur fossils?
    We hope the weather stays good for you and that you have a fun time.
    See you soon. From 4B 🙂

  2. Hi Guys, good to see you are all having such fun… the museum looks fascinating and I bet that night walk was squelchy. Is that you in the background Katie? Hope you all see lots of adorable seals later today. Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing more photos… keep blogging! See you all tomorrow.

  3. Great to see you all,did you sing any songs on the coach on the way or have you fallen down any holes on your night walk?
    I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures of those fury seals,I do hope the Norfolk seals are not as smelly as the ones we saw a few years ago,did any of you pack pegs for your noses?!
    Have fun year five ! Xxx

  4. It’s good to hear that you are having lots of fun! Everyone at home misses you very much, especially Justin. Have a good rest tonight as you have a very long day ahead tomorrow!

  5. Did we forget to pack your shorts? – it looks like you’re a bit hot there Alfie!
    Did you get to taste any Cromer crabs?

  6. Evening all and I hope the home work is going well!
    Enjoy the twilight safari…….good job we put the torch in!

    Have fun and don’t stay up too late!

  7. Is it the West Runton Elephant in the background? I hope you enjoyed the Museum’s Victorian exhibition as well. 🙂

  8. I remember when I went to Cromer Museum. I saw a Melegadon tooth (ask Alice for more info).also look out for those seals, their soooooo cute. Hope you are all doing well and keep on having fun!

  9. That’s some SERIOUSLY BIG bones in the background of the CROMER MUSEUM photo – can anyone tell me – where were they found ? and what animal they were from ?

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