29th February Blogs

Well, Wray Common really did blog.  Every KS2 child had a go, so did most of the staff, and all the children in KS1 helped Mr Skelton to make their special class blogs.

I have ‘dipped in’ and had a look at some of the wonderful posts left by children and adults.  You will see that many of them have comments, both from Wray Common people, and from others around the world.  How exciting is that!  If you like some of my choices, why not click here and visit the feb29th.net blog yourself and read, and comment.  For tips on blogging safely click on the Safe Blogging tag above.


I hope to be marryed with 0ne or two kids, Robin and Ryan and we would live in the windmill on the common. I would have a well paid job to pay for everything. Maybe a dog.



  1. Mrs L



    I was really pleased to read your blog John (it was the first one from our school that I found). When you move to the windmill, can I come and visit please, because I’ve always wanted to see inside it. :-)

Miss Snell shared her dream with us all, and got lots of comments:

In 20 years time I will…….

In 20 years time I hope to be a Head Teacher – maybe some of the teachers in my school will be the children I currently teach!

In 20 years time I hope to have travelled to Australia (to go to Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef) and to have seen the sunrise over the African plains.

Fingers crossed I’ll make lots of happy memories and share them with special people.

11 Comments – click here to see them http://feb29th.net/2012/03/01/in-20-years-time-i-will/#comments

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Here’s an imaginative post from Imi.

In futeure there will be A holagram disc.It will have A key bord on the back so you can type the person name and there holl body will apir up in the air and you can talk to them.Ther will also be jetpack boot’s so you can fly around evreywere you go.

There are hundreds of other posts.

You can view them all by visiting http://feb29th.net and then adding to the url box tag/2032

Have fun, Mrs Fine

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