8 thoughts on “Cromer Pier

  1. Amelia,
    I hope you are a better Moose you look happy and smiley, have a wonderful time. Tom has moved out since you left.
    Look after Mr Martin, he hasn’t been the same since I left, love Francine

  2. Clio, you look cold, I hope we packed you enough layers! What a beautiful sky, I wish I was there, the weather’s quite gloomy here! Enjoy your swim tonight xxx

  3. It looks lovely, wish I were there. You all look like your having a fab time. Can’t wait to here all about it. Is a pet seal on your Christmas list, Rosie?

    Lots of love
    Mum,Dad and Jamie xxxxx

  4. Hi Pip and Ella – great to hear you’re having such a good time. Did you find any treasure at the end of the pier? Enjoy the seals and the wave pool this evening. xx

  5. I went swimming in the sea in Cromer once – don’t do it! It’s really cold!

    Have fun everyone. Looks like lovely skies today.

    Don’t you think East Anglia has big skies?

  6. Morning all,

    You all look fresh and well and the weather looks much better than here in Redhill!!!!!

    Have a good day and keep the photos coming.

  7. Dear Shatakshi, The locations look so beautiful. Looking forward to your photographs from today’s activities. LOL

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