Edmund Ajayi 6l The sky got darker 100 Word Chalenge

Run… Run… Run… I ran I fled I flew just to get away from IT. Slowly the sky got darker I knew IT was coming for me but I couldn’t give in. Run… Run… Faster than a cheetah stopping at nothing to get away but then I was cornered IT finally got me I screamed for help! Nobody came. I screamed again. Same answer. Nothing would get me away. Away from my mother. “I don’t want a bath” I cried but she just smiled and dragged me to the dreaded bathroom. “Help” screaming,  searching for an answer but it was too late!

2 thoughts on “Edmund Ajayi 6l The sky got darker 100 Word Chalenge

  1. I like your 100 word challenge, Edmund. You build up the tension nicely and we are dying to find out what IT is, a monster or scary animal of some sort. And then we find out that it’s your mother and she wants you to get in the bath! You inject comedy into a tense piece very well and let your reader take a sigh of relief. Great use of punctuation by the way.

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