Feb29th.net – Wray Common is Blogging!


Feb29th.net says:

“Feb29th.net is a global blogging project that will cross all age groups and continents. As soon as Feb 29th 2012 begins in Tonga, the Feb29th.net will open up for posts for one day only. This blog will capture posts from all over our planet on this rare day until midnight in the Western Pacific. The result will not only be a celebration of technology, but a celebration of audience and purpose, who will be the youngest author? Who will be the oldest? Which country will top the most posts? Will there be any marriage proposals?”

At Wray Common we are going to take part in the Feb29th.net blog with every child at the school having the opportunity to blog about what they think they will be doing in 20 years time on 29th February 2032.

We also hope that many of the adults at school and home (visit Feb29th.net) will post a blog on a subject of their own choice. 

Please visit this blog again, after February 29th to see some of our favourites and to leave your comments.



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