Jack 6h wcps

It was about to begin .The best play in world history.I can see the audience there must be hundreds and hundreds of people cheering then they all went quite like they had all died.The first actors ran onto the stage and did the first wonderful act then they cartwheeled off the stage . Then it was my turn to go on the stage. I ran on and the light was so bright it nearly blilnded my eyes but I had to say my lines so I blocked it out and it went perfectly. Then I skipped off  stage and felt proud.

One thought on “Jack 6h wcps

  1. A lovely story, Jack. I liked the actors cartwheeling off the stage!
    Try and use more punctuation – some of your sentences are quite long, and this can make it confusing for the reader.
    Keep up the hard work

    Simon (100 WC team)

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