Friday 18th October 2013

IMG_2601Today we finished off our sketches and drawings. Later we played more team building games but this time it was a relay. After that we used the laptops to make a word documents about a mysterious building we saw at Reigate hill. Next we had another great lunch with our friends again. Then we looked on our maps recapping on where we went. Soon after we changed for a P.E lesson with Mrs Tipson a karate black belt. Finally changed back in our normal clothes to go to assembly.  Here are some pictures of our day take a peek!IMG_2612IMG_2605

One thought on “Friday 18th October 2013

  1. It sounds like you have had a lot of fun these past few days. Certainly it’s been great to see you a bit more around school and have the chance for a chat about year 6. Liking the blog posts and the 100 word challenge entries – keep up the good work.

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